Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

The definition of ‘brand awareness‘ is “The likelihood that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or service”. Therefore, creating a better brand awareness for your company is essential if you want to make it in the volatile market of today.

If your potential customers don’t even know of your existence then there’s no way that they can make a decision to choose your services over a competitor’s, and even if you have no competition in your local area you still won’t be getting any business!

Business Branding

As you can imagine, measuring brand awareness is a huge industry, and many studies are undertaken every year in order to try and determine how big brands are faring in the public psyche compared to their rivals. Questions such as “What do you think of when you think of luxury cars?” or “Have you ever heard of Honda?” are used to try and find out how aware consumers are of certain brands, and then marketing strategies can be coordinated accordingly.

Of course, there is no way you can ever match the spending power of a multinational corporation when it comes to advertising and exposure, but there are still ways for you to get known in the circles you need to be known in. See the below points, as well as this helpful Entrepreneur article.

Social Media

With Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other such sites there is a vast number of people that you are able to connect with. Most people have a social media account (or more than one!) and by setting up a page, adding friends, following relevant people and making interesting and informative updates you are able to garner a lot of interest and get your brand noticed. If you can get shared by your primary contacts, then you’re laughing!


By writing guest blogs and commenting on relevant blogs you can also create brand awareness. By becoming known by others in your industry, or by those interested in your industry, you will see an increase in brand awareness and therefore (hopefully) sales. Commenting here, there and everywhere is no good though; make sure you actually have something to add to the discussion.

Attend Events

Gatherings of industry brands and customers are fantastic for getting known, as there are plenty of opportunities to network and building contacts for the future. A great way to ensure you are remembered after the event is over is by bringing some promotional items to give away. Think outside the box, not just pens but also t shirts, umbrellas and even branded promotional sweets! You want it to seem like a gift, not an advertisement, so people will keep hold of the item for longer – meaning more people will see it.